Native and cross-platform applications, admired by clients and users. We can do multipurpose mobile development – e-‍commerce, service and b2b applications, successful startups. Research your niche, user behavior and design a user-friendly UX. Write a reliable code, do integrations and help you bring the product to the market. Our applications are created to hit the business-targets.


iOS native

Swift Objective C

Android native

Java/Kotlin Dart C++




Symfony Node.js Python
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We made a mobile application that will change the fuel market.
Direct discount on fuel, electronic coupons. More than 300,000 downloads, 4 networks of partner gas stations and more than 100,000 cubic meters of fuel poured into tanks daily. Thanks to the efforts and expertise of the Brander team, we have made the idea a business and continue to expand our product capabilities together.


Поширені питання

Depends on the functionality you need. Hard to say offhand, as estimates will be inaccurate without detailed information. Please, describe your requirements to the application and all the functionality you need. Having good technical specification speeds up evaluation.
Depends on its goals. A cross-platform app is relevant for verification of hypotheses, for apps with simple functionality, small startups with limited budget. While choosing, keep in mind functionality and application objectives. Optimal solution results from a thorough analysis.
We analyze and work thoroughly on a business model of the project, its needs. Then we carry out benchmarking and competitor analysis. Refine the concept, define users’ roles, functionality for each role. The results of the work done are summarized in a document called “a backlog”. Afterwards a UX-specialist creates interactive prototypes. We align the visual part and the functionality from the backlog. Interface looks schematic in this stage of work. This is the route, which a user will follow using the application. Next comes UI. We draw nice interface and unique corporate style for your project. We draw animation, infographics, icons and a logo. Once the layouts are ready, we get down to development. After testing, we roll it out on Google Play and AppStore.
Depends on the speed of verification from the side of Google and Apple. That makes the timeframe “floating” — a few days to a few weeks.
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