9 years in e-commerce. Our experience allows us to create solutions for any business goals and objectives. We develop online shops on Magento, marketplaces, B2B solutions and mobile applications. Owing to our expertise in в marketplaces, design interfaces that make online shopping comfortable, convenient and thanks to an upgraded Magento engine – speedy as well. In collaboration with a customer we develop a promotion strategy, launch digital marketing and create promotional content.

Online shops on Magento 2.3
We developed a solution for business which is about to enter online. We use our best practices and research in UX, develop a corporate style of the project, transfer it to an upgraded engine Magento, which has finely tuned marketing tools integrated into it. Streamline the sales channels online.
Transfer to Magento 2.3
If a previous version of Magento or another CMS does not meet the needs of your business, it makes sense to transit carefully to a new engine. We will keep your corporate style, practices and add new functionality. Synchronize, plug in all the necessary payment and delivery services. Upgrade your existing online shop in case the budget is tight and transfer it to a new engine whenever you are ready to expand.
Sound competition ignites business development, so marketplaces are gaining momentum. We work out the customers and sellers’ routes, describe logic and for each role develop a user-friendly interface. Create an administrative part for sellers and admins of a marketplace. Ensure a high speed of exchanging information on goods.
B2B solutions
We save time and streamline business-processes. Create e-‍commerce tools for working with corporate clients. These are wholesale online shops, mobile applications, personal accounts with specific functionality.
Mobile applications
Always here and now. To order a pizza on the go, to buy a pair of shoes or a tablet. Applications make buying easier and faster, a business can build up personalized marketing and sales funnel. Customer behavior analysis helps our team of designers create a buy-in interface, while marketing tools help keep the customers warm and sweet.
Digital marketing
We will dig into your business, explore the target audience, develop a communication strategy. Offer customized selection and launch of tools for the project - SEO, ads in Google and social networks. Provide consulting to get you prepared for a flux of conversions, help you build up a sales funnel and get your business processes fine-tuned. Shot advertising content for digital, TV, outdoor advertisement.
Technical support
We support and finalize projects on Magento, OpenCart and Wordpress. Carry out an audit of your website, fix the bugs, make your site speedier and more resilient. Plug in all the necessary modules and integrations.



Magento 2.3 Opencart

delivery services

Nova Posta Ukrposhta Meest Express FedEx UPS DHL USPS

payment systems

Privat24 LiqPay PayPal Amazon Payments Sage Pay WayFroPay Ipay Masterpass
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Поширені питання

At first sight some project can look perfect, which is not always true. It is much better to have an online shop that meets your business needs. Getting a closer look at your project, we will make a product that will integrate organically into your business.
it is possible to do integrations with any systems that allow to get access to them through API or the like. If your system has no API, we will fix it. To choose a proper solution, we will analyze your system, its capacity
Sure! We have developed a number of solutions for a comfortable transfer to the upgraded engine. What matters is to estimate your profit from this investment. If your online shop is not big, Magento 1.9 can manage. We can upgrade your store, marketing and sales and when you are ready to expand – will transfer it to a new CMS.
The best option is to make a mobile app, while a shop itself will serve as a backend to it. гThat will allow you to easily manage the information in one place, so you can display it both in the application and on the website. That will also minimize the risks of data being out of sync on two resources. In a nutshell, an online shop serves as API for a mobile application.
The optimal platform for an online shop is Magento. But we also support projects on other platforms. By the by, we were Ukrainian pioneers in using Magento 2.0.
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