Web Development

In web development we follow the principles of security, stability, functionality and appearances. We create company websites for major companies, meaningful promotional landing pages for presenting products and fully functional web services. We develop reliable back-end for mobile applications, enhance and provide technical support to the most sophisticated projects.

Company websites
The process looks like constructing a huge and awesome business centre – each and every detail matters, it should be user-friendly and look like an architectural masterpiece. We can create a unique corporate style for your company, with usability which is well-thought through. Integrate the website with external services. Our projects are safe and secure, immune to high load.
Promotional websites
A buy-in promo website is a must, if you want to promote products and services. But it should both – create a “wow effect” and be meaningful. To achieve this, we research the product, the market and release our creativity. We hit the customer’s hearts with effective design. Develop back-end that is immune to load. Adjust the analytics systems. Launch.
Web services
Ordering services, buying tickets, personal accounts, delivery services and retail accounts, unique calculators and price aggregators make a part of our expertise. We think through the logic for the work of the service, develop a user-friendly interface and write a “clean” code, so that everything runs smoothly. Efficiency of the customer’s business is the best indicator of our efficiency.
Technical support
We provide technical support and improve external projects. Do the audit for your website, fix the bugs, make the site speedier and more stable. Plug in all the necessary modules, do the integrations.


Backend on CMS


Backend on Framework

Symfony 2/3/4Node.jsExpress.js



Front end

Angular.js / Angular 4.x.xVue.jsVuexNuxt.jsReact.jsReduxNext.jsSocket.io
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Поширені питання

Each solution has its pros and cons. As a rule, a quality solution on CMS (Drupal or Wordpress) is enough. In rare cases, when you need a flexible or original solution, it makes sense to write a website on a framework. But this is more costly and time-consuming. Anyway, we will look into your project and come up with the most appropriate solution. Our customer’s success is the best indicator of our efficiency.
Yes, we have a huge experience in supporting projects, developed by other companies. We can book a team, assigned specially for your project or make an assessment of separate prioritized tasks on a rolling basis.
This task is quite challenging, but we do have all the necessary experience and expertise. For instance, that was the starting point for us to provide technical support to Kyivstar website. We will definitely manage this task.
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