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Japanese restaurant, which follows you
The website encompasses a well-known all-Ukrainian chain and enhances customer loyalty. Minimalism as a designer solution attracts attention to the key task – speedy food ordering.

Divide and conquer

Cities differ, so do menues. The interface, which is intuitive and friendly to both users and administrators, won’t let you get lost in regions and kinds of sushi.

Breathe out

Ordering food is now so mouth-watering! What’s more, there is enough space on the screen to place all the pertinent information, so you don’t miss out on anything of importance. Simple, clear, spacious.

Easy decision-making

The website privately speaks the language of modernity. It has own personality and space for a user, there is freedom and call to action. Marketing research into the competitors and users behavior resulted in dramatic improvement. A customer does not get lost in pages, pictures, but advances steadily to the goal – to have a good meal.

The ways of the warrior are inscrutable

No matter where you are – at work or at rest, ordering food can be easily done and in no time, using any mobile device. Promoting is ensured by contextual advertising and precise targeting.

While waiting for your rolls

Now the restaurant has its own blog and we worked hard to make the content look unconventional. Changing the size of the screen in no way impacts the quality. In SushiYa project the developers used all their expertise and experience in Magento 2.3, so the website is as fast as the blade of a sushi cook.





Magento 2.3