Zolotoy vek

Design Development Marketing Support
The pioneer in Ukraine in selling jewelry online
Zolotoy Vek is one of the biggest Ukrainian makers and retailers of jewelry. In 2004 the company started developing e-commerce. Brander was recognized as the most experienced company and together with Zolotoy Vek we created the first ever Ukrainian jewelry online shop. For more than 5 years we have been refining the product collaboratively.

More gold!

We devised a SEO-structure of the website, designed UX. The selection process became easier and clearer: logical navigation, visualized catalogue, the items can be filtered by their type, weight, material. The online shop is responsive to screens of any size.


4.6 mln.+ users visited the online shop, which is capable of coping with a large influx of gold seekers, especially before holidays and special occasions. And indeed it will work at the speed of sound: downloading takes 1-2 seconds only.


Always at the right time and in the right place. We did SEO-streamlining to keep the products on top positions in search engines. We thought through the logic of advertising campaigns and target groups. Tools of PPC services and targeting help us convert demand into purchases. Creating content for promotions.

Zolotoy Vek is a leader of 2017 in jewelry market according to Retail & Development Awards. It is one of the biggest and most secure jewelry online shops in Ukraine. Now you can buy a nice present for your honey on the go, having only your smartphone. Even if you recalled the occasion 5 minutes ago.





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